Episode 2: Konkle and Wrobel


In this episode special guests Nick Konkle (lead game play designer) and Eric Wrobel (content designer, he does the skills and stuff 😛 ) Join us for a Q&A session as well as extra in site into the upcoming patch 1.3


Elder Scrolling Online Podcast

For Fans made by Fans. This is a FAN podcast first and foremost. We are not here to “improve” the game but to talk about its highlights and the awesome that it is. We aim to give tips and tricks to current content and let you know whats to come for this awesome game we all love! Stay Tuned and the hosts of Elder Scrolling Online Podcast will be bringing you the goods starting Sunday June 29th at 8 PM est!

You can watch the feed live at: twitch.tv/esoing


This cast will be coming out every Sunday! (except holiday weekends…like 4th of july weekend.) So stay tuned to this site or find us on itunes! (or follow our twitch channel 🙂 )